Automotive Wire Harness Industry Standards Need To Be Introduced Urgently

Automotive wiring harness welding process starts to attract increasing attention

With the rapid expansion of the scale of China’s automotive industry in recent years, supporting industries associated with the automotive industry chain have obtained the market space for simultaneous development, such as doubled automotive wiring harness demand brought by automobile production significant increase, while automotive wiring harness welding process starts to attract increasing attention. Automotive wiring harness is regarded as car “vascular, which is generally considered to be the central nervous system of a car, connecting related functions of on-board computers and vehicles together. The automotive wire harness content and number in vehicle electronic technology has gradually become an important indicator to evaluate the performance of the car.

Comparison between two welding production processes of automotive wiring harness

It is understood that the current welding production process of automotive wiring harness is mainly available for crimping and ultrasonic welding two kinds: crimping is to use the terminals toe press multi-strand wires together to form a connector; the ultrasonic welding is to use physical effects arising from ultrasonic vibration to combine the thrum. Ultrasonic applied to the production of automotive wiring harness welding earliest became popular in Europe and the United States, which is mainly due to the development of foreign ultrasonic metal welding technology. Comparatively, crimping is fast to produce, simple equipment, low cost, but there is the metal stamping rebound risk, and has the risk of oxidation and rust in harsh conditions, all of these risks can lead to poor contact. The initial investment of ultrasonic welding equipment is higher, but these risks of crimping do not exist in ultrasonic welding, and harness resistance welded by ultrasonic is very low, which is basically close to zero. Industry experts said that ultrasonic welding will become the mainstream of future automotive wiring harness welding process with excellent production efficiency and product performance and other advantages.

Ultrasonic harness welding specifications need to be introduced as early as possible

Currently, the entire domestic ultrasonic welding automotive wiring harness product quality is good and bad, and there are even a lot of shoddy products deceive real ones on the market. Some wiring harness manufacturer uses circuits and transducers of the existing ultrasonic plastic welding technology to do ultrasonic metal welding equipment, which simply cannot meet the technical requirements of the automotive wiring harness mass-production. It is because of the lack of uniform standards and regulation, there are many non-standard, unfair competition domestic ultrasonic harness welding market, which to some extent limits and hampers the healthy and orderly development of the industry. Many people in the industry agree that as the mainstream automotive wiring harness welding process in the future, the market potential of the ultrasonic welding is huge. Hope the national and industry associations introduce ultrasonic harness welding specifications as early as possible.